Updated: 29th March 2021

During this current global pandemic, our members health and safety is of upmost importance and our number one priority.

This page is designed to be your single point of information for our current guidelines and restrictions for all the current club locations and activities.

Please keep checking back here regularly to keep refreshed of the latest guidance, though any major changes will be sent out via the usual communication routes.


Both Flying Fields are now OPEN for all Flying Activities, however the following restrictions apply;

  1. 2 metres distance between people MUST be observed at ALL times.
  2. Only two flyers in the flight-box at any one time (the walk to the strip has been widened to allow safe passing).
  3. Only one person at a time in the shed for charging of batteries (you must use your own charger and have no contact with other chargers/batteries).
  4. Training can only be carried out using the clubs buddy system/club training aircraft. The buddy transmitter will be cleaned after each use, hand sanitizer must be used prior to each training flight (to be provided by you). We will need to implement a booked time-slot system for training to limit numbers at the field.
  5. The patio furniture will be NOT be in use, if you need a seat, please bring your own.
  6. Use hand sanitizer/wipes on the gate/lock after use.

These can also be downloaded and printed out for your future reference: COVID-GUIDELINES-FOR-FLYING-AT-MDMC-SITES.pdf

The latest BMFA guidance and information can be viewed online here: BMFA Covid Updates

Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, must not fly and should stay at home to maintain social isolation in accordance with government advice.


The Clubhouse is currently CLOSED for all social activities including flight sims.

Reopening Plan: The clubhouse will not fully re-open for usual socialising and flight sims until Stage 4, planned for 21st June 2021

Slot Car

All Slot Car activities are currently SUSPENDED and all scheduled race nights have been cancelled until further notice.

Reopening Plan:

Stage 2: Once this has begun after the 12th April 2021,  bookable practice sessions will recommence but only within members households and social bubbles.

Full guidelines can be downloaded here: COVID-19-Clubhouse-Guidance-02.pdf

Stage 3: The “Rule of 6” indoors begins on the 17th May 2021 and we are planning to reopen on Thursday nights from this date. This will be in the format of “Restricted Practice” sessions limited to 6 people, attendance will need to be booked in advance.

Stage 4: Unrestricted indoor activities are allowed from the 21st June 2021, so are expecting to be able to restart full race nights from this date.

The format; Calendar, Championships and Rules proposals will be published in the upcoming weeks, to be agreed upon in time for the planned full re-opening date.