Results from Round 4 of Club Flying Comp 26 May 2024

Lewis Langwade's Club flying Comp model May 2024Lewis Langwade's club flying Comp model sporting a 3-bladed propeller!

The task for this round was “Up around & Over” and again the weather was surprisingly good at the Old Dalby Flying site. With bright skies and warm weather being the order of the day but the cross wind on landing could make things tricky for the contestants.,

Anyway, here are the results for Round  4:

Mick Butler*   300
Alan Boswell   105
Lewis Langwade   100
Dave Peet    95
Richard Phillips    60
Alan Robinson    60
Trevor Main    55
Stuart Sirrell    35
Bill Veitch    35
Derek Ridealgh     5
Phil Curtis
Dave Matthews

*Mick Butler played his joker so doubled his points to be the round winner, which also make him the leader so far:

Mick Butler   525
Stuart Sirrell   380
Lewis Langwade   355
Alan Boswell   255
Dave Peet   235
Bill Veitch   180
Richard Phillips   170
Trevor Main   145
Derek Ridealgh   100
Dave Matthews    90
Alan Robinson    60
Phil Curtis    45