• General Flying 7 days a week, 9am to dusk.
  • Competitions – Wednesday evenings (daylight &  weather permitting).
  • Training – advised via email to all members during British Summer Time (daylight & weather permitting).
  • The Model flying basic training is available with Club instructors.
  • Whissendine has a grass take off and landing area.

Whissendine Flying Site Rules

  1. Parking – Please leave space in front of the gate for unloading and turning. Park your vehicle on the gate side only with all wheels on the grass.
    No Parking is permitted on the other side which then allows for large tractors to pass.
  2. Entry – Entry to the field is by a hand gate with a combination padlock.
    The last person leaving the field must ensure the gate is locked.
    Always keep the gate shut to prevent any of the farmer’s animals from escaping.
  3. Your Membership Card (Key Fob) is your authority to fly at this site. 
    Hook it against your chosen vacant frequency number on the peg board (if not flying on 2.4Ghz)
  4. All pilots must adhere to the designated flying zones as shown on the site plan in the members handbook.
    Always fly in front of you at all times.
    Do not fly beyond the pylons to your left or over the road to your right
  6. When Flying, ALL pilots must stand in the pilot’s box on the flight line.
  7. Only four power flyers to be in the air at one time.
  8. Start your engines in the pits area with your propeller facing outwards towards the field.
  9. Where possible always carry your aircraft to and from the mown take off and landing area along the mown pathway.
  10. Failsafe – All power models – including electric powered (when fitted with a receiver with a failsafe function) must be set to a minimum of throttle to idle on the loss of the radio link, regardless of the model’s weight. Models over 7kg   must have a working and set failsafe.
  11. Read, Learn and Follow the safety rules and the BMFA Codes of Practice for Model Flying.
  12. No Mobile Phones to be used in the pits area.
  13. Please take all litter home.
  14. All engines must be adequately and sensibly silenced.
  15. Members are not allowed to fly alone unless they have passed their BMFA “A” test.
  16. A First Aid Box is located inside the mower shed.

Permitted Model Flying Times

For Electric / IC Power and Gliders:
9am – 10pm (or dusk) whichever is the sooner in any one day Monday to Sunday.

Location Map

Pickwell Ln, Whissendine, Oakham LE15 7LB