Slot Car 2021 Post Covid Season and Track Updates

Racing is back, almost, please see our plans for reopening and the shortened 2021 season below.

As people will be able to meet indoors due to the move to Stage 3 from the 17th of May, the club house will finally reopen on Thursday evenings for track use for the first time in over a year on the 20th of May 2021. However, due to the “Rule of 6”, these sessions will be in the form of “Restricted Practice” sessions to members who have paid their BMFA fees.

No formal racing will take place during these sessions, but we will be able to have unrestricted running with none of the usual race fees, full computer timing of course be available. These sessions will need to be booked in advance as numbers have to be kept within regulations, please contact us for available slots.

Once Stage 4 kicks in on the 21st of June 2021 and all social distancing restrictions have lifted, the full formal Race Calendar will return. This will run until the end of year, further restrictions outstanding, with no usual summer break to maximise the number of race nights we know you have all been craving. Please visit the Calendar page for the full details.

Due to the threat of any other possible restrictions or issues, it has been decided that the 2021 season will be classed as “Non Championship” and no awards granted, that way any members who may miss sessions for any reason, will not be disadvantaged. However, any results will be taken into account when Driver Gradings are decided for a planned full 2022 Championship.

As the 2020 season was written off after only one complete round, and no one has had any running or car preparation time in since, the 2020 Rules and Regulations will be carried over to 2021 Season, see the Rules page for full details.

All of the above applies to both Junior and Senior sections. While the club house has been closed, we have also taken the opportunity to complete further track maintenance we had been unable to complete during the breaks in the usual racing calendar.

First the podium has been given an upgrade with new lane markers and the braking switch lights have all been replaced and nicely colour coordinated.

Track barriers have been fully repaired, refurbished and painted, with several sections replaced including part of the track that never had crash protection in the first place!

Each section of scenery has been refreshed, with the buildings repainted, grass re-flocked, additional trees planted and the pond drained and dredged before being refilled and now clean enough for any type of fish!

By far the biggest change is the addition of full track lighting! With full switchable control, it allows for various combinations of light levels for different types of racing. Lights have been added to the interior of each of the buildings leaving a fantastic glow out of each of the windows and pit garages.

Illuminated bollards have been added to the apexes of the tighter corners to help identify those braking points in the dark. Plus, an option to make it a little easier rather than racing fully in the dark, lamp posts have been erected around the outfield of the track to illuminate part of the track surface.

Finally for those races that do take place in the dark, we have added a light up countdown timer visible only to the marshals to aid race management.

Check out the Club Track Gallery for more images. See you all on the track soon!