Rules and Regulations

Here you can find information on the cars and classes we currently race at the club. You can view a quick overview on this page, or scroll to the Download section at the bottom to access the full Technical and Sport Regulations in a printable format.

As handy guide, you can also view Dave Norton’s Hints and Tips to help you get the most out of your car!


At the club we have designed the rules be easily accessible for the beginner while still offering a challenge to the most experienced racers. Our aim is to keep the racing close and competitive with the widest selection of available cars as possible. As such all race series fall under the following two classes;

  • Standard – Near ‘Box Standard’ cars with only basic race preparation and tyre swaps permitted.
  • Modified – Complete free choice of replacement parts allowing for wider selection of car setups.



Class: Standard

Group C

Class: Standard

Touring Car

Class: Standard

Group 5

Class: Standard

Classic Sports

Class: Modified

Production GT

Class: Standard

Open Sports

Class: Modified

Classic F1

Class: Standard