During the Autumn/Winter season, our clubhouse will be open from 8pm on Wednesday evenings

The Club supports a wide range of modelling activities and associated interests.

This website is designed to provide a source of information for existing members and for those who may wish to join the Club. 

The Club encourages members to provide content to their website to keep it up to date.

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Roy Ridealgh's 1/3 scale Neuport 17 (Charles Nungesser replica}. 95 inch span. 38cc 4 stroke petrol.

Richard Sorrentino's 1/3rd Scale Cub, 130inch wingspan with 38cc Zenoah engine

Roy Ridealgh's 1/3 scale Bucker Jungman. 90 inch span. Laser 180.


Roy Ridealgh's 1/4 scale Hawker Typhoon. 106 inch span. 80cc petrol.

Roy Ridealgh's 1/3 scale GeeBee Y Sportster in action. 84 inch span. 35cc petrol.

Roy Ridealgh's 1/4 scale Tiger Moth. 80 inch span. Laser 180.


Open Day Models – August 2022

Open Day models
Open Day Models
Open Day Models
Open Day models Open Day Models Open Day Models