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Club Track

Type: 4 Lanes, Routed, Copper Tape
Length: 106ft
Average Lap Time: 10.5s
Our fully scenic main club track was built when the club moved it’s current premises in the early 90s. While in a compact area, it has a long track length with a mix of straights, tight hairpins and fast sweeping turns. It suits well balanced cars with handling over speed, enabling drivers to quickly get into a smooth rhythm.

Forest Special Stage

Type: Single Lane, ‘Point to Point’
Length: 100ft
Average Lap Time: 11.5s
Our original Rally Stage has been recently refurbished, with brand new copper tape and updating the scenery to better reflect is “Forest” theme. While only taking up a small footprint, it is in fact, almost as long as the main club track! They layout can be confusing at first, crossing over the same sections backwards and forwards, but can lead to very quick and rewarding laps.

Stadium Super Special

Type: Single Lane, MultiLap
Length: 50-75ft (Layout Dependant)
Average Lap Time: 8.5s – 12.5s (Layout Dependent)
A fully portable rally special stage that is made up of four modular sections that allows the track to be configured easily and quickly into several different layouts.

Micro Stage

Type: Single Lane, 10 Laps
Length: 10ft
Average Total Time: 45s (10 Laps)
Designed to fit into a car boot, this is one of the smallest routed slot car track you will find! Tight and twisting, it rewards steady driving best, with car differences all but eliminated.

‘Race of Champions’

Type: 2 Lane “Pursuit”
Length: 48ft
Average Lap Time: 8s
Twin Lane circuit based on the Race of Champions series with competitors racing against each other in a ‘Pursuit’ challenge, starting half a lap apart. Circuit is tight and twisting to fit as much lane length as possible into a compact, portable 1.0m x 2.7m layout. Tight lane separation means overtaking opportunities are very limited so use them them when the opportunity arise!

Dakar Outpost

Type: Single Lane, MultiLap
Length: 60ft
Average Lap Time: 13s
Two piece fully portable rally stage based and themed after the infamous desert Dakar Rally. Very tight with rock faces running closely around the edge of the route, it rewards smooth and clean racing, no ‘Scandinavian Flicks’ here!

Brecon Rally Cross

Type: 3 Lane, Routed
Length: 35ft
Average Lap Time: 5.5s
Rally Cross racing has always involved a little ‘rubbing’. On our 4 piece portable layout, 3 cars can go head to head on this very fast and flowing circuit. Watch out for the unique cross overs, there could be trouble as one lane cuts across from the inside to the outside of the corner!