About Us

The Club was first established in 1965 and brings together members young and old both from local community and further afield. Our membership average is in excess of 100 year on year.

As well as our own clubroom we have locations to support Radio Controlled and Free Flight flying, Radio Controlled Glider Slope Soaring and Radio Controlled Boating (Yachts and Electric Powered craft only).

Our own clubroom was built in 1989 on land rented from the local authority and is located on Crossfield Drive off Thorpe Road in Melton Mowbray, (OPPOSITE TESCO). The Club building is used all year for various activities but with more taking place during the winter months, when it is not practical to use the flying field in the evenings.

We are funded entirely by subscription. Anyone who shares our interest in modelling in general, building and flying model aircraft, building and sailing boats or racing slot cars can join us. Model Aircraft form the major part of our clubs’ activities, but there is also a strong slot car section with a sophisticated and modern race track occupying a large part of the club house.

We have computers with flight simulator software enabling members to train safely and to try out new flying techniques or design concepts. We also have training aircraft which our qualified instructors and trainees use at the flying field. Membership is regardless of gender or age, race or religion. Our sporting hobby can be enjoyed by all. It can and does include individuals with physical handicap. Access to the club house includes a ramp.


Our flying field is in the open countryside near Whissendine which we use with the kind permission of the farmer. We mow a central runway strip and he grazes sheep in the remainder of the field. From here we fly radio control model aircraft within a set of safety rules and disciplines.  All flyers are required to be qualified for solo flying (‘A’ certificate) and to have third party insurance through our national body BMFA, (British Model Flying Association). 


Wednesday, 8pm onwards (winter months and when adverse weather conditions prevent  R/C flying).

Model Flight and Full Size Aircraft Simulators are in operation. Also an opportunity for relaxed chatting with fellow members about our favourite hobby!. 

Just to make it as real as we can, a digital projector and roll down screen are used to display the images from the Model Flight Simulator. The Full Size Simulator uses 3 computer monitors, joysticks or control yoke, rudder pedals and vibration feedback . Both simulators have proved to be very popular with members, either when watching or flying