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My son, Finlay Dorsett, was a member of MDMC for a couple of years, a couple of years ago. He’s now 14, and doesn’t really have time to fly now – and in truth, he’s lost the desperate desire to. Trevor Main was a huge support in getting him started, and set up, and trained him – along with Ray.

Anyway – the plane, radio controller and flight box we bought for him were all recommended by MDMC, and he’s now looking to sell them to try to raise some money towards a big rugby trip to South Africa next summer.

It’s the ideal starter plane – not entirely sure of the name, but it’s called the “Arising Star”. The radio controller is called a Futaba Sky Sport 6. And he has all the fuel and other bits needed to fly.

Cost new, around £300 – open to genuine offers.

Call me if you want to discuss further: 07885 186615 or email me on:


Many thanks

Rob Dorsett