Results from 5th Round at Dalby Airfield Sunday 23rd July 2023

Brave souls...

Again an impressive turnout for the hardy souls who ignored the weather forecast and came along anyway! We managed to do the 2 rounds of the competition which involved 3 loops followed by 3 rolls and a spot landing. Extra points gained for the spot landing and fastest time to complete the tasks.

The results are as follows:

Bill Veitch 113
Alan Frue 75
Mick Butler 48
Peter Duckworth 45
Roy 41
Richard Phillips 37
Dave Peet 36
Alan Robinson 19

The cumulative results so far from 5 rounds of the competition are shown below:-

Bill Veitch 250
Dave Peet 205
Richard Phillips 176
Alan Robinson 137
Alan Frue 133
Peter Duckworth 132
Roy Ridealgh 116
Trevor Main 113
Mick Butler 110
Stuart Sirrell 83
Dave Matthews 80
Jonathan Muse 64
Ted Cooke 39
Derek Ridealgh 33
Phil Curtis 20
Trevor Whiting 14

The next competition is scheduled for Sunday 27 August at Melton Airfield so come along and try your luck!